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John Franklin and Tom Sweitzer have combined their diverse backgrounds to bring 40 years of construction and management experience together. In May 2007, the partners began servicing the Delaware Valley Area and became the first franchise in the Northeast region of the US.


During his years in the construction industry, John Franklin has strived to provide his clients with outstanding service. Over the years, John recognized the importance of safety and reducing liabilities for his clients. It was this thought process that led him to Precision Concrete Company (PCC), a growing franchise based in Utah that provides exceptional service to government agencies and property owners across the county. Utilizing Precision's patented saw cutting process, John found an effective, low cost solution for sidewalk trip hazards for his clients. After demonstrating the technique to clients in the public and private sectors, as well as many branches of local and state government, John partnered with Tom Sweitzer to bring this new franchise to the areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tom brings nearly 20 years experience in building customer relationships and business management skills. During his career, Tom has owned and operated several small businesses. Both partners are committed to make use of their talents to showcase this patented saw cutting technique to customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


As our company name states, we Always provide an outstanding method for maintaining Safe Sidewalks.

View our animated demo, showing our clean, fast and cost effective trip hazard removal solution!

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Always Safe Sidewalks process was amazing! In a matter of days, they eliminated the liabilities associated with our sidewalk trip hazards. The icing on the cake is they saved the school district thousands of dollars. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.
Tim Lastichen
Facility Director Morrisville School District